High School Programs

High School Programs

Get a Head start on college

Butte College School Relations has many programs and opportunities for students that are still in high school and junior high. Early exposure to college can increase your chances of university admission or jump start your academic career here at Butte College. If you are a prospective high school student from outside of our service area, visit our Steps to Enroll page.

High School Programs

Concurrent Enrollment

Allows students to enroll in college courses while simultaneously attending their high school (or lower grade) or adult education program. Concurrent enrollment courses are taken at the Butte College campus or online. Credits earned through this program may be used to fulfill high school and college certificate, transfer or graduation requirements.

College Connection

Allows high school seniors at Chico, Paradise and Oroville School Districts the option of spending their senior year at Butte College. Students complete high school requirements through a combination of class time and independent studies while enrolling in Butte College classes each semester. Students typically complete a average of 22 college units.

CTE Transitions

Allows students to receive Butte College credit by taking credit-by-exam. Articulated classes are taught at the high school by a high school teacher. Student must earn a grade of A or B, and a 70% on their credit-by-exam (75% for Welding courses) to receive Butte College credit. Transcripts will reflect letter grade taken as credit-by-exam.

CCAP Dual Enrollment

Allows high school students the opportunity to earn college and high school credit simultaneously while while taking college-level coursework. Dual Enrollment courses are offered on the high school campus during the school day and are taught by high school or Butte College instructors. Transcripts will reflect letter grade earned.

Summer Connection - For junior high

A 3-week summer program designed for jr. high students.

Summer Bridge

A 3-week summer program that helps transition graduating seniors to college life.


A program for graduating seniors that assists in the enrollment process to Butte College. Most of this program happens on your high school campus during your senior year.

Butte College Promise Scholarship Program

Beginning in Fall 2018, this program will offer up to two years of free tuition and fees for first-time, full-time college students.

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